A solar cell 2x better than silicon at a price 10x lower than today's extreme efficiency cells.


Our solar cell has two key components, a bottom low cost silicon solar cell and a high efficiency Gasp nanowire top solar cell. The well known silicon solar cell is what gives the significant cost reduction compared to other state-of-the-art high efficiency solar cells.

Silicon solar cell

Gasp nanowire solar cells grown directly on top of the silicon solar cell. Our uniquely designed nanowires not only ensure the highest possible cell efficiency, they also add enhanced properties to the Gasp solar cell like a build-in light concentration, a near perfect black surface, and an increased acceptance angle. The Gasp nanowire solar cells are designed to maximize the collective efficiency of the two cells.

Silicon solar cell
The combined silicon-nanowire solar cell is completed using standard fabrication techniques. As can be seen the top Gasp nanowire cells ensures a pitch-black surface with perfect light absorption, allowing for 1-sun efficiency of 35% and 42% at 500-suns.


Jeppe Martin Aagesen
Martin has a wealth of experience from previous start-up in the same area, and a PhD in MBE growth of semiconductor nanostructures.

Jeppe Huiyun Liu
Professor, PhD.
Huiyun is a professor in semiconductor photonics at University College London. He is an international expert within growth of high efficiency photonic materials on low cost silicon.

Jeppe Morten Schaldemose
Group Vice President, eMBA
Morten is Group Vice President and Member of Executive Committee at the Danish catalyst company Haldor Topsøe. Morten has an engineering background and an eMBA from INSEAD.

Jeppe Jeppe Holm
Post Doc., PhD.
Jeppe is a Post Doc. at University of Copenhagen and has a PhD from the renowned Niels Bohr Institute in design and fabrication of nanowire solar cells.

Our story

The Gasp Solar heritage goes back to 2007 where work on solar cells using 2-dimensional nanostructures began in the company SunFlake A/S. In the subsequent years focus was broadened to also include 1-dimensional nanowires and in 2013 it was decided to transfer these activities, together with key employees, know-how and IPR, into a new company Gasp Solar. Since 2013 Gasp Solar has been working exclusively on fabrication the first generation of truly “Beyond Silicon” solar cells.


Intellectual Property Rights

Our patent strategy is: Quality not Quantity

Fabrication and use of our unique Gasp nanowire solar cells is protected. Together with an improved method for growing nanowires on silicon surfaces we have ensured that our unique know-how is protected from commercial exploitation.

Support and collaborations